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If you’ve already taken a state-approved course from somewhere else (our students get it for free as a bonus for our state-approved courses), and just want extra practice and confidence before taking your exam, then this is the exam prep course for you.

Comprehensive Study Tips for the California Notary Exam

Prepare with confidence using our expert tips tailored specifically for the California Notary Exam, administered by CPS HR Consulting at official test centers.

Have you completed a notary public training course but feel like you need more help before you feel like you can pass the notary exam? Maybe you have taken a notary public course but still can’t seem to pass the official notary exam? You are not alone.

Notaries who want to improve their chance of passing the CA notary public exam need to take advantage of our California notary exam prep course. This online course will help you review everything you should know about taking the official notary exam.

Our online program is designed to prepare students to successfully pass the California notary public exam.

In addition to our comprehensive CA notary test prep course with hundreds of practice test questions, we have included a general exam prep course with all the study tips you need so you can ensure that you are prepared for taking the notary public exam so that you can pass the notary exam, receive your notary public commission, and then provide notary services.

This notary practice course is intended to help you study for the state of California notary examination AFTER you receive the completion certificate from the required 6-hour or 3-hour California notary public training course. This study course is a study resource and does not meet the California Secretary of State requirements for notary training.

If you have not taken your required notary public course yet, please review our approved training course offerings because this course is included as a free bonus for our notary course students.

If you are currently enrolled in our approved notary public education course, then there is no need to register for this one because you already have access to this course and the notary practice test.

But if you’ve already taken an approved course from one of our competitors and just want extra practice and confidence before taking your notary exam, then this is the California notary exam practice exam and notary exam prep course for you.

California notary exam practice test course contents:

General standardized exam study tips with specific tips for the CA Notary Exam. Although helpful when taking any exam, these tips are customized to help you pass the state exam and receive your notary commission on the first attempt.

A test bank of over 200 California notary exam practice exam questions to help you study and memorize important concepts likely to be tested on the notary public exam. Improve your knowledge by taking practice tests until you know all of the correct answers.

You can take the California notary practice test as many times as you want. 35 random notary public practice exam questions will be presented every time you take it. Each test will be different so that you can practice different topics every time. And we only make the practice exams 35 questions because that can be comfortably taken in one sitting.

At the end of each practice test, you’ll be shown your results, along with the correct answers for any questions you may have missed, to help you know where to focus your study time so that you receive a passing score on the California notary exam.

We also provide page references to the state’s suggested course workbook so that know where to look in the information provided by your original notary training course.

Important note: The format of the practice tests is not the same as the state exam. This is intentional because the goal of the practice exams is to help you study for and receive a passing score on the state exam. It’s not meant to replicate the notary exam.

How’s it different from the actual California notary exam?

For starters, these are not the actual exam questions. It would be unethical and probably illegal for any practice exam prep to contain the questions for the real exam.

Think about it: the reason the state wants notaries public to take a course and pass the notary test is that there are great legal responsibilities with potentially severe legal and civil punishments for notaries public who do not perform their duties correctly. Trying to shortcut the process by trying to memorize answers to the actual questions robs you of actually learning the notary public law and puts you at risk. Our exam prep helps you know the content the state requires, not just the answers to the questions.

Second, the actual notary public exam is 45 questions long. If we made our practice test sessions that long then many of our students would probably practice fewer times and not get the practice they need to pass the state exam on the first attempt. The length of our practice test is long enough to challenge you, but not too long so it discourages you from trying again. We want you to take the practice test as many times as you need until you are consistently scoring 90% or above on each test.

Next, our practice test contains multiple-choice and true/false questions presented in a method to drill you and to help you know what you don’t know so you know where to focus your study time. Think of it like flashcards that actually let you know if you know the answer and where to go to study if you don’t.

The actual state exam contains scenario-based questions. These questions can take a lot of time to answer so, although they might be good to test your knowledge on the actual state exam, they can waste a lot of study time and can therefore discourage you from studying further.

But by knowing the content in the notary law tested in our notary practice exam you can easily answer the scenario-based questions or any other types of questions on the actual notary test.

We don’t want you to get bored of studying so we’ve made our practice exams challenging enough so that you learn the material but not too challenging so that you’re discouraged and stop using the content.

We feel we’ve created the most efficient way to study for and pass the California notary exam. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what one of our students had to say after taking the notary public practice exam:

What Our Student Are Saying:

Your practice exam is amazing!

I took it not less than 20 times. It built my confidence a lot before taking the actual exam. I would give it a credit to at least increase my score by 20 points. I highly recommend everyone to try the practice quiz multiple times. It is magical. I passed the exam on the first attempt.
Hemant Bhatt


Your purchase is 100% risk-free. Since our goal was to create the most effective notary public school delivering the best online notary public education for the State of California, we proudly stand behind our training. That’s why we are offering the following guarantee: If you are unhappy with our course for any reason within 60 days from purchasing (this is also the amount of time that you are granted access to the course), we will refund your educational investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our course includes tutorials, study guides, and practice exams.

You will have 24/7 access to the course materials for 60 days.

Yes. If you are unhappy with our course for any reason within 60 days of purchasing (this is also the amount of time you are granted access to the course), we will refund your educational investment.

After completing our course, you can take the state’s notary exam through CPS HR Consulting, the only organization the state has approved to administer the exam.

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