CA Notary Exam Prep (60 Days Access)



Did you take your state-approved training somewhere else and

Just Need Our Exam Prep Course?

Many students used to register for our state-approved notary training courses after completing state-approved training elsewhere because they failed the state exam.

Why did they want our course? Because of our Exam Prep.

But we felt bad having students take an entire course again just to be able to practice exam questions so we’ve made it a separate course.

If you’ve already taken a state-approved course from somewhere else (our students get it for free as a bonus for our state-approved courses), and just want extra practice and confidence before taking your exam, then this is the exam prep course for you.

Notary Exam California Prep Course contents:

General standardized exam study tips with specific tips for the regularly scheduled examinations of the California Notary Exam that’s conducted by CPS HR Consulting at established test centers .

A test bank of over 200 practice exam questions to help you study and memorize important concepts about notary law and notary services likely to be tested on the exam.

You can take the practice exam as many times as you want. 35 random questions will be presented every time you take it. At the end of each exam you’ll be shown your results, along with the correct answers for any questions you may have missed, to help you study.