A Public Servant

A notary public is a public servant who must provide services to any person that makes a reasonable and lawful request. The notary public is not permitted to limit services to a particular group of people even if it is limited to just to the people who the notary public interacts with at work.

A “reasonable” request is a request within normal time or paperwork expectations. The notary public is not required to drop everything he or she is doing perform a notarial action or to perform notarial actions within an impossible time limit.

As extreme examples, a notary public that is employed by a bank or other establishment providing notary services is not expected to ignore everyone else in line when a customer needing a notary service joins the line. The notary public would also not be expected to notarize thousands of documents within an extremely short time period like five minutes.

However, the notary public would be expected to perform the services when it was the customer’s turn and in a realistic amount of time. If the customer was unwilling to wait or even schedule a time to conduct the notary services then the notary public should refer the customer to another notary public whose workload may be more compatible with the needs of the customer.

The notary public should only refuse a request outright for illegal requests. Also remember that all transactions involving notary services are to be considered confidential. That is, of course, unless the transaction itself requires a third party.

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