Printable Blank Notary Form: Perfect for Your Next Notarization

If you need to notarize a document, you’ll want to have a notary form handy. This printable blank notary form is perfect for your next notarization! It’s easy to fill out, and it will help make the process go smoothly. Make sure to download your copy today!

What is a Notary Form and What is it Used for?

“Notary Forms” are used by notaries public to help verify the identity of persons who come before them to execute documents. The form contains information about the person being notarized, as well as space for the notary to sign and stamp their seal. In most states, the official term for this form is the “notarial certificate.”

The notary certificate is the part of the notarization that contains information about the document, the signer, and the notary public. It must be completed correctly in order to make the notarization valid.

If you are a California notary, you can find instructions for completing the notary certificate on the California Secretary of State’s website.

Why do I Need a Notary Form?

Most notarizations require notarial certificates and most states have their own laws for what is required to be on them. If you need to notarize a document that doesn’t contain the notarial certificate or if the certificate was meant for another state and doesn’t meet your state’s requirements then you’ll need to use a notary form.

How to Complete a Notary Form

The process of completing a notary form/notarial certificate varies by state, but it usually includes verifying the identity of the signer, filling out the form, and affixing the notarial stamp (also called the notarial seal).

The notary public signature and seal are what make a notarization official. The signature must be original, and the seal must be affixed to the document by the notary public.

Sample of a Notary Form

This is a sample of a notary form for a notary acknowledgment for the state of California. The form includes the notary public information, the type of notarization being performed, the signer’s information, and space for the notary to sign and stamp their seal.

How to Use a Printable Notary Form

There are different printable notary forms for different types of notarizations. Simply determine the form that is needed, print it out, fill in the required information, and then sign and stamp your seal. Make sure to include all of the required information so that the notarization is valid.

The Best Place to Find Printable Notary Public Forms is the Secretary of State Website

The best place to find notary public forms is the website of your state’s secretary of state or, in some states, the office of the attorney general. The forms are usually available for download as PDFs.

We provide state-approved notary training for California notaries so all of the forms we provide will be from the California Secretary of State’s office. Some companies sell forms, but this just increases the cost to become a notary public.

If you are a notary public in another state, then we suggest checking with your state’s website to find the forms required by your state.

Printable Form for Notary Acknowledgments

Notary acknowledgment is a type of notarization in which the notary public confirms that the person who signed the document is the person they say they are and that they were acting of their own free will. The notary public does not have to witness the signature but must check the identification of the signer.

You can download a California-approved form for a notary acknowledgment from the California Secretary of State.

Printable Form for Jurats (an Oath or Affirmation)

A jurat is a type of notarization in which the notary public confirms that the person who signed the document has taken an oath or affirmation before them. The notary public must be present when the oath or affirmation is taken.

You can download a California-approved form for a jurat from the California Secretary of State.

Make Your Own Forms

Technically, you could create your own forms using Microsoft Word or another word processing application. We don’t really recommend this because you can probably download one from your state, which saves you a lot of work. Also, if you’re not careful, it’s easy to make a mistake when creating your own form that could invalidate the notarization.

If you do decide to create your own forms, be sure to include all of the required information for your state and use language that is approved by your state.

Other Options for Notary Forms

You can also find notary public forms at office supply stores or online. However, we recommend only using forms that are up-to-date and meet all state requirements. This is usually the case when purchasing from companies that specialize in providing notarial supplies.

Larger big-box office stores typically carry general forms that meet the requirements of many states but might not meet the requirements of the state you live in.

The notary supply company that we partner with sells two types of forms, which are specific to your state and are up-to-date:

  1. Preprinted paper forms. These are very similar to the ones that you can download from the Secretary of State’s website and print yourself, but you won’t have to print them.
  2. Form stamps. These are rubber stamps that stamp the notary form onto the existing instrument (the document being notarized). The stamp is particularly popular with people who sign documents since it does not add any more pages to the paper. This may save money on recording expenses and decrease the likelihood of fraud. Notaries like the stamp because it is time-saving and can replace the function of several thousand sheets of loose certificates.


A notary form is an important tool for any notary public. Printable blank notary forms are easy to find and use, and they can help make the notarization process go smoothly. Be sure to use state-approved forms to ensure that your notarization is valid. One thing to note is the maximum notary fee you can charge is the same whether you use a preprinted form or one from a supplier so keep that in mind if you want to buy expensive forms.

Do you have any questions about notary forms or notarizations in general? Leave a comment below, and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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